Picture Gallery
The shader effects

Here are some impressions of example shader effects. Please click on the thumbnails to see a larger view.

Diffuse Lighting
Basic diffuse lighting on a vertex basis from a point light source without attenuation.
Diffuse & Specular Lighting
Vertex diffuse & specular lighting (extended of example above).
DOT3 Product Bump Mapping
A diffuse & specular bump mapping effect.
Phong Shading
An ambient, diffuse and specular phong shader on a per-pixel basis.
"Holo" silhouette rendering
A NPR effect that renders a translucent silhouette. Use alternate gradients to achieve totally different impressions.
Image filters
Different "post rendering" effects processed in the pixel shader. The pixture on the left shows a black & white filter, in the middle a sepia tone was added (PS1.4 only) and on the right a heat signature gradient was applied (PS1.4 only).
Cartoon shading
A single-pass rendering approach for a toon shading effect. Shades the surface with a three-tone gradient map. Edge "detection" via a mip-map solution.